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Transco Business Technologies Delivers Innovative Industry Solutions

TBT has solutions for a variety of industries, helping your organization work smoother, smarter and more secure than you might have realized.

Reliable printing, essential in an unpredictable world.

Our printers and MFPs are engineered for robust use, incorporating several ease-of-use features and design elements such as auto-power sensing and print-around, to keep your print jobs flowing smoothly. Built-in alerts and device management tools help you centralize and easily manage one or more devices.

Secure your critical information, it is one of your greatest assets.

We work to develop solutions that meet the most stringent standards for network and information security. Most of our printers and MFPs incorporate iron-clad security features including Secure Print, Network Authentication, and automatic removal of unprinted jobs that allow you to restrict access, track usage and protect confidential data flowing through Xerox systems during your day-to-day operations.

Look At Some Of The Industres We Serve

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Government
  • Legal

Health Care Assessments Analyze needs, capabilities, and all processes leading to creation and distribution of critical documents. Health Care Assessments

Health Care Forms Management

Save up to 15% of your forms cost while increasing the quality of patient care with the use of up-to-date standardized forms. Health Care Forms Management

Health Care Forms Automation

Improve your patient ID system, print bar-coded forms, labels and wristbands on demand, and route patient information automatically to departments needing it. Health Care Forms Automation

HIPAA Compliance Risk Assessment

Develop a roadmap to identify and address compliance issues and implement security measures to protect patient information.

Enterprise Content Management for Health Care

Xerox DocuShare document management software and services provide an easy way to store, share, and manage documents securely and delivers rapid ROI for health care organizations. Learn more about DocuShare for the health care industry.

The Transco-Xerox Document Advisor has become an extension to our purchasing department. So we've saved money on labor and have a staff that utilizes their time to do more things for the organization. Procurement Manager, US Health Care Provider.

Transco Business Technologies offers innovative solutions that enhance the learning experience of students while enabling better management of resources.

Cost Tracking and Access Control

Our solutions make it easy for schools - including colleges and universities, K-12 schools, academic libraries, and others - to recover campus-wide print and copy costs, make printing convenient without compromising security, and and encourage responsible printing.

Through our workflow solutions, schools can easily track, analyze or charge for every page output by any student, faculty member, staffer or guest on any desktop printer, network multifunction printer, or walk-up copier. Schools can track the amount and type of output by device to determine how to optimize its device fleet.

These solutions can also control access to devices, protect students' personal information, and reduce wasteful, unnecessary and unclaimed output due to easy access to supposedly free printing.

Let us show you how these solutions can control your printing costs.

Cost Effective Color Printing

Teachers know that color creates greater impact with their students, improving the learning process. However, with ever-tightening budgets, schools, colleges and universities have to get the most from their budgets.

Our solid ink technology enables educational institutions to take advantage of high-impact color for pennies, often for no more than it costs to print black and white. The unique three-tiered meter plans classify documents based on the actual amount of color used - no more paying full-color prices for low-color documents. This provides the best of both worlds; greater impact and less cost.

Environmental Sustainability

Solid Ink also enables more environmentally responsible printing. Less waste, non-toxic ink, less packaging requiring less energy to transport, and less energy required by the device, all contribute to reducing a school's carbon footprint - saving the environment and providing another important lesson to students.

Ask us to show you how a ColorQube can benefit your school.

State & Local Government Specialist
For Special Contract Pricing including OGS, GSA and Unified Communities

Transco Business Technologies provides the latest in office technology to the Public Sector. We have a dedicated government team designed to handle Federal, State & Local, K-12 and Higher Education agencies. Whether you're looking for production solutions, office digital copiers, color copiers, print management Solutions or document scanning/archiving/re-print solutions, we can help!

We also understand developing and adhering to sustainability practices is a key requirement for the Public Sector. We will be happy to share the successes of our long and deep-rooted commitment to the environment and let you know how we can help you do the same.

Documents are the foundation of the legal industry and we take document management, for the legal industry, to a whole new level! Xerox EIP (Extensible Interface Platform) allows us to seamlessly integrate full cost recovery and access control solutions. Providing full cost recovery and access control is a key issue for the legal industry. One Xerox solution allows users to release printed documents at the MFP of their choice. Another solution provides access to award-winning print management and cost-control solutions through the Xerox MFP touch screen control panel. So now you can enjoy simplified tracking of prints, copies, scans and faxes, with no terminals to purchase, install or maintain.

Our local autonomy and leadership, product and solution experts, professional service team, expert local billing department, and tenured account management team, enables Conway to be your single-source solution for all your office technology and document management needs.

Benefits of Equitrac Professional Extended to Walk-Up Services

  • Capture and recover the cost of every MFP activity.
  • Increase user mobility, convenience and productivity.
  • Print documents securely to networked Xerox WorkCentre MFPs.
  • True flexibility to respond promptly to local customer needs
  • Manage total output volumes and eliminate waste.